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Make parota with Malai in this way

Ingredients 2 cups flour As salt to taste Half a teaspoon of black pepper powder Half a spoon of dried chilli powder 1 teaspoon ghee  Hot water1/2 cup fried brown onion 2 tablespoons grated cheese Cheese to taste 1/2 cup cream Gh…


 2 cups flour

 As salt to taste

 Half a teaspoon of black pepper powder

 Half a spoon of dried chilli powder

 1 teaspoon ghee

  Hot water

1/2 cup fried brown onion

 2 tablespoons grated cheese

 Cheese to taste

 1/2 cup cream


 Herbal to taste

 Chili flakes

 Chopped raw chilli


Knead the flour well and cover for 15 minutes. Mix the fried brown onion, cheese and cream well. Add herbal / chili flakes / chopped raw chillies to this mixture and mix well.

 Divide the flour into 4-6 equal portions and roll it in the parota tea. Fold in a triangle or square and cook over low heat using oil in a non-stick pan.

Then open a fold and fill the stuffing in it and cook it properly from both sides. Serve hot with vegetables etc.

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