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Learn the recipe for making Maharashtrian dish Methi Pitla

Material- Bason - 1 cup Chopped fenugreek leaves - 1 cup Chopped onion - 1 Garlic paste Well chopped raw chilli - 3 Hinge and oil - as needed Turmeric and dried chilli powder - 1/4 tsp Salt - to taste
Method- To make fenugreek pit…



 Bason - 1 cup

 Chopped fenugreek leaves - 1 cup

 Chopped onion - 1

 Garlic paste

 Well chopped raw chilli - 3

 Hinge and oil - as needed

 Turmeric and dried chilli powder - 1/4 tsp

 Salt - to taste


 To make fenugreek pithala, you have to take besan in a pot and mix 2 cups of water in it. Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Add onion and fry well. Now add fenugreek, raw chilli and asafoetida. Add the mixed besan, turmeric, dried chilli and salt on top and cook for five minutes. Now serve it hot.

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