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Saturday, 8 December 2018


Tired of making out on bed .. here are alternatives

Are you too bored with your sex life and want to make new experiences to make it exciting then by taking the first step as an experimenter you can think of sex outside the bedroom. There are many people who get excited only by thinking about sex at unconventional places. Therefore, this experiment can be an exciting experience for your partner as well. We are telling you about such places where you can travemaking from some leaks ...
When the spouse or partner in the kitchen is busy settling your work in the kitchen, you get into the kitchen to give him a surprise. Turn your body around love and increase their excitement. If a mood is formed and you wish, then the kitchen counter can also be used for sex. Just need to show little creativity.
In the elevator

You need to be super quick here. Also, when choosing a lift and a time, do not get too crowded and keep in mind that one finger door button.
In the car
Let your partner come for long drive and you can show your love making skills within the car by reaching a place which is far from the street noise and the eyes of the police.

In the swimming pool

Aqua sex can also be full of fun. If you have your own private swimming pool at home, then nothing can be better than this.

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