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Saturday, 8 December 2018


Secrets to keep your favourite hair colour lasting

Coloring hair is a part of fashion. Many consider this as a sign to show their evolving personality and accordingly, they choose color for hair. Regardless of the color, it is better to know certain things related to the hair dye.....
1. Budget issue -
If you are thinking of getting hair dye then be prepared for the over budget. The process of hair coloring is expensive, as well as the products that you want to maintain color for color, are also very expensive.
2. Time demand-
The chemicals in the color make the hair rough . If you already have dry hair, in that case use special dyes made for dry hair. Color fades with time, in order to maintain its original shade you will have to visit the parlour time and again .
3. Hair can not be washed often after hair dye. If you are one of those people who wash the hair every day then be prepared to get the hair color faded quickly.
4. It is advisable to colour your hair instead of bleaching , however it is difficult for Indian hair which has a darker tone so colours like pink,  turquoise or yellow doesn't stand out without bleaching . It is considerable to use colour protect shampoo and hair mask after a vigorous bleaching process.

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