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Saturday, 8 December 2018


Love both them equally? Worried if that is correct's the answer

If you have not experienced this then it does not mean that there cannot exist such predicament . Therefore, if anyone around you has confessed such an emotion donot make it look uncanny, because you believe or do not believe that people who love two people at one time, be on the end of receiving intolerable cut throat comments .
We might consider , a few years ago today, it was considered as a stigma and such people were questioned . 
But the situation is a little better than before because today we get a chance to meet more people and make connections, so that today's generation is way more advanced and connected which brings in the tabooed  fact that they might start liking two people at the same time .
Psychologists believe that love also comes in flavors, so that you can look good on two different types of people. This does not mean that you have no love with your first love, but now another person has started appealing to you. It depends on people and their help.
The interaction is a biological experience and it may happen that you are already in a relationship and you found someone else to feel good, because you have no control over your hormones.

How to deal with such a situation?

Keeping a mixture of beans together for two people can be confusing and strange, but at the same time there is a lot of fun too, these experiences can be fun too. To keep such  relationships constant, one should know the people who are related to it and should not hurt anyone's feelings. This passionate love  will finally win the love of his or her emotions which will be real and true.

So donot live with guilt , cause you are not the one suffering ,or to be appropriate , experiencing it .

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