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Saturday, 10 November 2018


Vampires exist ? Yes they do !

In the sleepy town of Haverhill in Suffolk you might enter at your own risk, before you come face to face with real-life vampires.
While these vampires show no aversion to sunlight or crucifixes, they do share one trait of their literary counterparts: a thirst for blood.
 Lia Benninghoff ,20-year-old young lady met ‘vampire’ Aro Draven on Valentine’s Day through a dating website. The two became smitten, Lia being intrigued by Aro’s vampire lifestyle.

After three dating weeks,  38-year-old Aro asked for Lia’s hand in marriage, to which she happily agreed. But the true test of their love came the week after, when after lots of consideration, Lia asked Aro to turn her into a vampire.
‘I’ve always had cravings for blood since the first age I can remember,’ explains Aro. ‘Any time anyone cut their finger I’d put it in my mouth.’
He did admit that this wasn’t usually met with much enthusiasm from the other person.
To satisfy their hunger, Lia and Aro drink each other’s blood once a week, as well as eating raw steak from the local butcher, alongside a wine glass full of pig’s blood.
They plan to get married on Halloween 2017, the couple still have’t told Lia’s parents about their ‘alternative’ lifestyle…

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