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Thursday, 8 November 2018


Bat weight change with changing times in Indian cricket .

From Clive Lloyd to Sachin Tendulkar, there was a time when all the legendary batsmen used to rule over the bowlers with their heavy bats. But in this T20s era the Weightage of heavy bat is decreasing day by day. Just like the whole cricket world, Kolkata batsman thinks in the same way in this particular matter. According to a survey in different cricket coaching centres in Kolkata, it has been noticed that this young generation of cricket doesn’t want to paly with heavy bats, even their coaches are guiding them too, to play with light bats. The recently selected mentor of Bengal, Arun Lal has said to his students that they should play with light bats as it will be easier for them then to take strokes and keep the scoreboard running. He has also given Ricky Ponting's example saying that he could pull the ball with front leg against pace bowlers just because he used to play with light bats.

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