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Saturday, 10 November 2018


Bangldeshi NGO's involved terror activities : 1500 arrests made by Haseena Govt.

Police arrested eight employees of NGO Small Kindness Bangladesh on charge of Terror Financing. These people belonged to a banned organization Ansar-al-Islam. Officials said that a Major of the army of Bangladesh later became a terrorist leader. Three years ago his name appeared in the murder of a well-known publisher. An official said that the mastermind of the murder of publisher Faizal Dipan was dismissed and fugitive was Major Syed Jiaul Haq.
There were also seven other operators of the Ansarsullah Bangla team, who were involved in the plan to target Blogger. In 2015, 43-year-old Dipan, 43, was killed in his office in Shahbag area of ​​Dhaka. A Bangladeshi official said that Haq was the operational head of the banned organization and he also attempted a pro-Islamic military coup.

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