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Thursday, 18 October 2018


Why only drink beer ? Use it for your hair too ..

There is no doubt that hair spa is the best treatment for hair. With this, the hair gets stronger, the roots of the hair get nourished, the blood circulation in the scalp is improved and the dry and dry hair becomes correct too. Regardless of these factors, going to the parlor for every week or 15 days, doing a hair spa is not just about everyone. In this way, we are telling you very easy prescriptions, so you can try Spa Experience very easily at home ...
Hair Spa Treatment is the first and most important step to steam hair. For this, you will need a large pot of water and a large towel. The way we steam your face, you have to steam hair too. Cover the towels with the head and face over the hot pot of water, and then let the steam into the hair and skin.
Beer is the best conditioner for hair. Malt present in beer, that is, barley and hops condition the hair deeply and help in making the hair thick. If your hair is dry and damaged then the beer hair spa is the best for your hair. Use such a bottle of beer for it and leave it open for the night so that its foam ends. Now wash the hair with mild shampoo and use beer instead of normal conditioner. Put beer on the hair and massage it well. Wash the hair with water now.

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