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Sunday, 14 October 2018


Using the same cooking oil again ? It could be dangerous .

What is the importance of oil in Indian food, who can tell better than this good Indian? From frying pakodas to frying, oil is used in many ways and in many ways. Oil actually increases the taste and flavor of food. Oil used once in many homes is used repeatedly so that oil can be saved from wasting, but do you know that there is a lot of diseases from recycling of oil? Repeated use of leftover oil is extremely dangerous. Let's know:
1. If  the oil is repeatedly used and food is being made in the same oil, then free radicals are taken from it, it leads to diseases other than inflammation and irritation. They add themselves to the free radicals body's healthy cells (cells). Free radicals can sometimes lead to cancer. Apart from this, repeated use of oil can cause atherosclerosis, in which the body develops bad cholesterol and the arteries are blocked.
2. Repeated use of the same oil can lead to acidity, heart related diseases, altasmim's disease, Parkinson's disease and throat irritation.
3. The oil used once for the Deep Fry should not be used again, but in some cases this can be done. However, in those cases it depends on what type of oil is being used. For instance, was it used to lighten frying or for Deep Fry? What items of food were fry in this oil?
4. After cooking, the remaining oil should be cooled and after that filter it in an airtight box and fill it. This will also remove food particles in that oil. Whenever you use oil again, see how its color and thickness is. If the oil is darker and darker than the previous and the like of Greece, throw it away. Apart from this, it is better to throw oil if it is too hot than it was before.

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