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Thursday, 18 October 2018


These 3 Habits can Destroy your Love life

Nowadays, stress is one of the biggest issue of life including issues related to sexual health. Many times, despite the rules and regulations, there is no compatibility between the two partners and problems begin to develop. If your libido has decreased, then it also has a bad effect on your relationship and mental health. If you want a healthy sex life then you should change these 3 habits immediately ..
1. Studies have revealed that if you masturbate for am elongated time, your libido may diminish with time .
2. This is because after masterbation, dopamine is released which is a neurotransmitter, which makes the person feel happier and feels relaxed. Too much masterbation results in excessive stimuli and due to the release of dopamine, your brain stops responding to sex.
3. According to Studies printed in BJU International, smoker smoking may cause erectile dysfunction problems. Continuous smoking will end the sexual desire in both men and women.

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