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Saturday, 20 October 2018


Subrimala temple dispute: activist is not allowed in the temple.

Despite the order of the Supreme Court, women did not enter the Sabarimala temple on Friday. Where the police had to retreat due to the pressure of demonstrators, two women who went to the temple had to return. The Government of Kerala has given the statement that women of all ages are permitted to enter the temple but some activists were also trying to enter. The government said that they can not allow it.
On Friday, the Government of Kerala and police administration sat in front of Sabarimala front of the protesters in front of the demonstrators are helpless. Two women tried to enter the temple in the security cover of about 250 policemen but they did not get success. These women had to return from the entry point. Journalist Poetry Junkel and Activist Rihanna Fatima of Hyderabad's Mojo TV could not enter the temple.
Journalist Kavitha Jakkal of Hyderabad based Mojo TV and woman activist Rehana Fatima are now returning from Sabarimala. Kerala IG said, "We have told the female devotees about the situation, they will now be going back. So we are pulling pack. They have decided to return."

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