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Saturday, 13 October 2018


Not only men, women also harness fantasies !

There is no doubt about love making, emulsion, and physics are relaxed gestures. After the love making,  chemicals secrete from the body , which relaxes the mind with body muscles . But, 'sex', as taboo the word is, comes with much myths associated with it.
 So, we are telling you about some common myths related to sex and their reality ...
1. It is an outdated and irrelevant concept that the libido of women is less than men and women do not have as much craving for pleasure as they are in men. In a study of 2017, it was revealed that 60 percent of the women wanted to have more physical needs than their male partner. So why wait for the partner to take the first step? Remove such inhibitions and adopt your sexuality.
2.It is believed that there is severe pain during first time sex. The women who are virgin are afraid of thinking about penitative sex because they feel that they will have a lot of pain during the hymen burst. But many times women do not even know and the hymen could also been torn during athletic activity, masturbation, swimming or using a tampons.
3. Women are not excited by pornography. Completely proving it a myth, Researchers at the Johannes Gutenberg University reported in their research that the women who watch porn are more happy. The results of the study show that compared to the women who had never seen the X-Rated material in their life, ..

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