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Monday, 15 October 2018


Just as the natural calamity subsides, actor turned politician wishes seasons greetings

BJP's  leader, Jay Bandyopadhyay, greeted all the people with joy to celebrate the Durga Puja just as the natural calamity of cyclone "Titli" subsided over the state.  While congratulating the state on Sunday, actor Jay Bandyopadhyay became somewhat nostalgic, saying that several years ago he used to go pandal hopping on a rainy day. "On that day an omelet seller asked me to have an omelette from his stall," said Bandhopadhyay.
Although he did not want to eat, he accepted the humble offer, Jay narrated , " He cooked me  a double egg omelet. On that day I heard some small businessmen had been living for few months with the earnings made at the time of this Puja by selling Chowmein or omelettes."
Bandhopadhyay was upset after the forecast of the devastating cyclone 'Titli' that caused severe damages in Odisha and Andra Pradesh. He said , " these small scale business men make living out of the Puja season and survive for next few months, the nature should think for them too."  He rejoiced after the cyclone will moving away from Bengal from Saturday. 
Recalling old times , Jay added, " there was a person named Goldar,  whatever he used to say people assumed the opposite of it , but now it  is totally different. The meteorological department predicts and provides exact data and we are all grateful to them."

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