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Thursday, 18 October 2018

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India will not be silent on the Maldives, America increases pressure

If the outgoing President Abdullah Yameen did not leave power in the Maldives then India could intervene with the international community to establish democracy there. India has indicated that it has a constant eye on the situation of Maldives, and there will definitely be any steps taken if necessary. The United States and Europe have also indicated that if Yameen did not leave the power after losing the election, then it would have to face severe consequences.
 According to sources, the international community is considering other options other than economic sanctions, in which India will also actively participate. It is known that in the election result on September 23, opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohammad Solih in the Maldives defeated the outgoing President Yameen Abdul Gayoom. But even after this, he has not left the power and now has challenged the verdict in the Supreme Court by accusing him of rigging in the election.

Outgoing President of the Maldives, Abdullah Yameen, has said that the reason for his defeat in the elections was a disturbance in the missing ink and ballot box. He has petitioned in the Supreme Court to cancel the election result. During the hearing, he got a big jolt from the court. The court rejected his three 'secret' witnesses who appeared on Tuesday.

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