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Thursday, 18 October 2018


Donald Trump moves new bet for China's ambitious plan for OBOR cut

US President Donald Trump has been running every kind of stakes to enclose China on international level. Trump has now signed a significant bill to blunt the China's ambitious 'One Belt One Road' project (OBOR) and the geopolitical effect of peeching. Under this, there will now be a new Foreign Ed Agency which will provide financial support to infrastructure projects in Africa, Asia and the US.
According to the New York Times, this company, US International Development Finance Corp, can guarantee a loan of $ 60 billion in Africa, Asia and US countries. Apart from this, the companies who are interested in business in these developing countries can provide insurance. Trump has signed on this bill last week. Although this move of Trump is exactly the opposite of the statement given during his 2015 campaign campaign. During that time Trump used to criticize foreign ed in his speeches.
American President Trump's stand is to try to isolate China in economic, technology and political way behind the change. China is investing extensively here to achieve great dominance in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Republican representative Ted Yoho said, "Trump now wants to play fire with fire. I have also changed and I think that now he (Trump) has changed too. All this is happening to China.

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