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Saturday, 13 October 2018


Donald Trump mocks the 'Me Too' campaign; Says, I am silent because of the media

US President Donald Trump ridiculed the ongoing 'Me To' campaign against sexual harassment and said that he is keeping control over himself. In his famous style, he ridiculed this campaign and said that due to the rules being implemented by the press under the campaign, he has to control himself.
When Supreme Court Judge Brett Cavanog named Trump, then 3 women had accused of sexual harassment at Cavanog. At that time Trump strongly defended Judge Cavnog and mocked him to be a 'learned judge'.
Trump's wife Melaniya Trump has also told the allegations under the #MeToo campaign for women accused, that they should provide proof of harassment. Explain that for me, women are being run for sexual exploitation in public life. In India too many such women are being reported at the moment under this campaign who have faced sexual abuse.

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