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Thursday, 18 October 2018


Are you KYC approved: 50 crore sim cards can be disconnected ?

50 million mobile phone connections, ie half of the users using the phone in the country can have a new problem related to KYC. If the sim card issued on the basis of basis verification fails in the new verification, then these sim cards can be disconnected .
On Wednesday, telecom secretary Aruna Sundarajan met the mobile companies. In this meeting, a second option was discussed from KYC, which would help solve this problem. Telecom Department is also discussing this issue with the Unique Identification Authority of India regarding this issue.
Supreme Court had recently decided that private companies can not use Unique ID ie basis for verification. Phone connections or bank accounts are no longer required to link to the base.Private companies can not even demand it from the users. High level discussions are going on in the government on this issue, because if a large number of mobile numbers are disconnected then it can have a big impact on the citizens. Officials have indicated that the government will give sufficient time to the users to make new KYC.

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