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Saturday, 20 October 2018


Afghanistan : Chopped finger of Saudi Journalist sent as threat

Turkey's daily newspaper 'Yeni Saphak' reported on Wednesday that he was tortured before the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogi within the consulate of Istanbul based in Istanbul. The newspaper said that he has listened to audio recordings related to it. The pro-government newspaper 'Yeni Safak' claims that Khashogi's alleged assassins cut the journalist's fingers during the interrogation and tormented him.
He claimed to have listened to several related recordings.
The newspaper claimed that Khashogi, who worked for the Washington Post, was murdered after torture. Khashogi had gone to the Saudi consulate for official documents before the wedding that took place with his Turkish  beau.
After entering the embassy, ​​he disappeared. The Turkish police believe that Khashogi was killed by a special team of 15 Saudi officials, but Riyadh has called these claims as baseless. The Washington Post had earlier mentioned an audio-video referenced by anonymous American and Turkish officials who prove the killing of Khashogi in the consulate and then the body of a dead body. But this is the first time when Turkish media has claimed to hear the tape.

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