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Wednesday, 13 June 2018


How to do trikonasana

How to do trikonasana

Triangulation process How to do the Trikonasana

Stand straight Make convenient distance between your legs (about 3 1/2 to 4 fits).

Rotate your right paw 90 degrees and left paw 15 degrees.

Bring the center of your right heel to the center of the curve formed by the left leg of your left foot.

Make sure your paws are suppressing the ground and the weight of the body is equally on both feet.

Take a deep breath inward, turn your body to the right, turn your breath away, move from the hips downwards, keeping the waist straight, lift your left hand up in the air and take the right hand down to the ground Visit. Thus, keep both of your hands in one direction.

Keep your right hand on the edges or on the outside side of the ground or keep your waist folded wherever possible. Drag your left hand toward the ceiling and straighten the shoulders. Keep your head in center or turn to the left, focus your eyesight on the sister palm.

Keep in mind that your body is bent towards the side. The body should not be tilted forward or backward. The buttocks and chests remain completely open.

Stay firm while maintaining maximum stretch in the body. Keep breathing deeply. Relax the body with every breath going out. Be mindful with your body and breath.

Whenever you breathe, get up, raise your hands down and straighten the legs.

Do this process on your other side too.

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