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Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Yoga poses for neck pain

Yoga poses for neck pain

Now the day is not there when the issue of "a little bit" was considered suitable for living. Today we need everything better than others. Better home, better paycheck, better points and even better world The competition and struggles of being better are making us all crazy. You can say that this is a progressive progression. But the speed at which we want to achieve progress is putting an adverse effect on our health - mental, physical and emotionally.

Our desires have taken the form of needs and commitment to work is mandatory to fulfill them. In this same condition, we get stressed more than we need and change the body into a factory. After this the breakdown of the body starts. A very common disease which affects all of us, it is neck pain.

Neck pain, which is called 'universalisia' in medical terminology, most often arises due to long periods of continuous sitting in the same posture, or not sleeping properly and exercising for the whole night. When it is simple due to gardan ke dard, why not treat it?

To get rid of neck pain, we present you seven easy ways (yoga posture) that are easy to do and will not interfere with your daily busy schedule. The most important thing about yoga is that it has existed for more than five thousand years and it is still running smoothly.

Yoga is easy for neck pain
1.Shishuasana | Child pose
2.Natraj Asan or Reclineing Twists | Natrajasana
3.Bitaliasson | Cow poose
4.Marjaryasan | Marjaryasana
5.The opposite currency is the posture of the foot or with the support of the wall. Viparita 6.Karani Asana
7.Elevation triangle posture or extended triangle currency. Trikonasana

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